The difference between LTO and DLT tapes

The difference between LTO and DLT tapes: LTO is known as (linear tape open) while DLT is known as (digital linear tape). Both are the most popular magnetic tape storage. In 1984, the DLT was developed by the digital equipment corporation while LTO was developed by the IBM and HP Seagate. Both the tapes possess the same storage and formats and both are totally different from each other in terms of data transfer speed, storage capacity, internal memory and security. In order to provide you best information and the main differences between them we have gone through important researches and found the main difference between DLT and LTO tapes. The main differences are listed below, please have a one look.


Rate of data transfer: DLT have a very low data transfer speed in comparison to LTO. For instance: Earlier the transfer speed was, 1.25 to 10 MB and DLT-S4 is the fastest ever device in terms of transfer rate which possesses a transfer speed of 60MB/s. while on the other hand LTO has got much faster transfer speed which is about to 20MB/s and its latest version is very fast in terms of transfer speed which is almost 160MB per second.


Capacity of data storage: Both the devices are best at their place but at the same time both are totally different when it comes to comparison. In terms of data storage capacity, the LTO device is capable of larger storage capacity than the DLP tapes. 40GB was hold by the first generation DLT tape while 800G got by the DLT-S4 tapes. While on the other hand 100 GB capacity was hold by the LTO-1 and 2.5 Tb was hold by the LTO 6.


Internal memory: The main difference between both devices is that DLT devices does not got internal cartridge memory while LTO device has got this. 16KB internal cartridge memory has got by the HP C7976B LTO 6 for backup tape. So we can finally say that, this is the main reason that, why LTO tapes are better than DLT tapes.


Security: When it comes to security then, there is big difference between the two formats. Much better security system has got by the LTO technology this is due to the combination of the advanced encryption technologies and W.O.R.M features. However DLT and LTO format contains W.O.R.M features. both the formats contains best security features and system because now they are encrypted with the latest technology system.